Frequently Asked Questions


Why are so many things listed in the "May contain" section on your label?

We craft our sauce by hand in small batches to ensure only the finest ingredients are used. To keep everyone safe and healthy, we cook in a commercial kitchen. Since our kitchen isn't used exclusively for our sauce, we list all possible allergens on the label.

How can I help with the mental health initiatives?

We commit a portion of all hot sauce sales to mental health initiatives. If you're reading this, you're probably already buying our sauce, so you're already helping! If you want to do more, please consider reaching out to any of the established organizations within our community. Or, ask a friend the hard questions. Check in on the people in your life. It might be uncomfortable at first, but you'll both be better for it.

Will you make other varieties of sauce?

At the moment we're focused on rolling out our first sauce. But fear not, there will definitely be sauce varieties in the future, including an extra hot version!