Our Sauce

Like a woodstove in a cozy cabin...

We believe hot sauce should balance flavour and heat. You think so too?

Try ours.

With each hit, complex flavours intrigue your tongue. Subtle smoke first. Then. A hint of sweet. All the while, a bit of that indescribable umami. 

We draw on natural ingredients for our sweetness, not any added sugars. The smoke is natural too - it comes from slow roasting our distinctive five pepper blend.

As the flavours dance on your tongue, the heat will come. Not a ravaging flame that leaves your mouth ablaze. It's a warm heat. Enticing. Welcoming. Hot, but comfortable. Like a woodstove in a cozy cabin. It's delicious. Delicious in a way you really didn't know heat could be.

We love it, and we think you will too.