Our Story

Chuckles and sunshine...

Born of a tradition between two lifelong friends, Six Degree Sauce Co. is the culmination of experimentation, loyalty and growth.

Picture two small town boys, new to the big city. They're sitting on their third floor balcony. It's a nonsense-narrow balcony. So narrow, in fact, that they can't actually face out. Instead, they're facing each other. The faded fabric of their rickety chairs matches the wooden balcony's peeling brown paint.

Between them - between those fabric lawn chairs, on that wooden balcony with the plastic turf carpeting - is a fryer. BBQs aren't allowed on the balcony, but deep fryers are, right? Beside the fryer - a bowl of chicken wings. Beside those - a bowl of improvised and astoundingly delicious hot sauce. We whiled away the afternoon, and then the night, frying chicken, telling stories, and marveling at our ellusively magnificent hot sauce.

But the story of Six Degree Sauce Co. isn't all chuckles and sunshine. There were clouds of darkness. Time went by. Life marched on. Doubt, despair and depression overtook Tyler's mind. Feeling alone, he attempted suicide.

Here, it's written plainly. He attempted suicide. The reality, though, is far from plain. Very far from plain. 

As we talked, we grew, and we learned. We learned about vulnerability, and we learned about isolation. Vulnerability isn't weakness. Isolation isn't necessary. We learned about meaning, and we found depth.

The story doesn't end in darkness. Today, we're building something with purpose. We're proof there's light, and we want to share ours. 

This is the story of Six Degree Sauce Co. 

We're all within six degrees of separation. Look closely, though, and you'll see that you're truly only one degree of separation from someone facing mental health challenges. That's why the word "degree" in our name is singular. The grammar is off, but the reality is true.

At Six Degree Sauce Co. we want to do more than just sell bottles. We want our story, and our sauce, to help reduce the stigma around mental health and ease the challenges of those who struggle. 

Sharing our story is an important start. We're also committing a portion of all sales to mental health initiatives. Join us. Let's shine some light on the darkness.